Bluegrass has a rich history of safety. If you spend any time at our facility, you'll hear whistles reminding our kids to slow down. You'll see lifeguards reminding kids on the diving board to wait patiently while the previous individual exits the pool safely. All of this is for one reason, safety. We take it seriously and as a result, you have permission to relax while our (that's you+us) facility. 

Bluegrass Swim Club budgets for insurance and legal fees annually.  It is the responsibility of the Board, all employees, and all  members to make the pool a safe and clean  place.  To do that, here are key rules.   These will be enforced!

  • NO RUNNING:  There is no running in or around the pool area at any time. 
  • DIVERS MUST USE THE BOARDS ALONE:  No one may be accompanied going up or off the boards.  No one may “catch” any other person off a diving board.   
  • BABY POOL:  No children over age 6 are to be in the baby pool.  This includes during adult swim.  No adults with chairs are to be in the baby pool water. 
  • BABY SPECIALTY DIAPERS:  Children needing diapers must wear approved “swimming” specialty diapers.  These are available at the front desk for a small fee.  State and county law require the pool to SHUT DOWN to cycle water (takes several hours)  for infant accidents.
  • BABYSITTERS:  All children under age 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.  
  • CLEAN UP:  All members are required to report spills, to throw away all cartons, containers, and trash they create, and to leave areas they use clean.  The manager may ask you to return and clean your area.  Violators will be reported to the Board for action.       
  • NO SMOKING: Smoking of any kind is prohibited outside of the provided  smoking area. The smoking area will be the area close to the gas grills located off the rear of the sun deck. 
  • BEVERAGES: Open containers of any kind must be kept behind the white lines. Drinking in the pool water is prohibited. GLASS CONTAINERS OF ANY KIND ARE PROHIBITED.
  • BEHAVIOR: Anyone acting obnoxious, under the influence, or disturbing to other members in any fashion may be warned or asked to leave the club premises immediately.
  • NO TRESPASSING:  The Swim Club is police patrolled for the safety of the children.  Parents, advise kids they are not to jump the fence during Spring or any hours the pool is closed.  It is an offense that we will punish by law .